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Here's one I prepared earlier...
Need a logo but just don't have budget for something custom yet?
Purchase one of these template designs and we will customise it to your company name and branding so you can hit the ground running!

*These logos are templates and could be in circulation for more than 1 business. For custom, one of a kind logos please request a quote​. Logos are priced individually so please take note of the price of the logo you chose.

What Do You Get?

2x JPGs

300 DPI for web

72DPI for print

3x PNG

Full Colour

Full Black

Full White

1x PDF


1x EPS

How Does It Work?

STEP 1. 

Select your logo template from the below options.

STEP 2. 

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to specify how you would like your logo setup.

STEP 3. 

An invoice will be sent to you for the amount of your specified logo and any additional questions we may have to make sure it's perfect!

STEP 4. 

Once payment is received your logo will be sent to you in all of the above formats within 3 business days.

STEP 5. 

Start showing off your awesome new logo!

What Are Your Choices?!

Logo Request Form

How Do You Order?

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