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Why hire a graphic designer?
Let us help you!
We aren't brain surgeons but when it comes to your business, do yourself a favour... seek help!

So, why hire a graphic designer?

I'll admit, it's not a question I've been asked often by clients, but that's probably because the people who hire me have already come to the conclusion that they do require a professional designer for their business. I'll also admit that graphic design can often be considered a "nice to have" when starting out or an expense that might be deemed unnecessary in the start-up phase of any venture.


Anyone with Microsoft word or an adobe suite can surely design a logo right? To that I would say, I have a pair of scissors in my kitchen drawer but I'm certainly not going to cut my own hair to save a few bucks and then hit the town with my new do. Designers (like hairdressers and other trades) are skilled and trained in how to not only make a logo look good but appeal to the right audience, convey your brand, adapt to different formats and stand the test of time.

To give any business the kick start it needs you need to assure that you hit the ground running! Spend a little in the beginning for your best shot at long term success. Depending on your budget and industry this can simply mean a professional logo to take to social media or a full suite of branding including logo, complete website, business cards, email signature, letterhead and the rest! 

So with that in mind lets go over the 5 reasons you should hire a graphic designer for your business:


Getting a business up and running is time consuming, stressful and requires a lot of thought. Don't waste your time trying to conceptualise a logo or brand that in the end could be ineffective.


Yes, we've all seen them, the business cards done in word, the logo made in paint and the website with the flashy GIFs. For the sake of your business and my fellow designers out there please, please step away from the mouse and let us help you! 


There are of course those people out there with a keen eye for aesthetics who can make a fancy looking brand, however fancy though it may be, is it appealing to your target audience, is it conveying the right message and will it help build your business? I've had many clients ask me to create a logo based on what they like, to which I have to explain that unless you yourself are the key demographic you're trying to reach, your personal likes and opinions are in most cases irrelevant. 


After completing a logo it's so important to have all the different file types to adapt your brand for different formats. Social media requires square JPG, printers require vector files in CMYK with bleed, websites often require web-res PNG files, other printers require layered EPS files and if none of this makes any sense then you require a graphic designer. There's also a lot of people who fall into the trap of using images from Google and graphics or fonts, which are illegal to use commercially. Don't land yourself and your brand in hot water simply because you didn't know the rules.


Graphic designers are, after all just artists on a computer (and probably with carpel tunnel in our wrists from too much vigorous work on the mouse and tablet). We are creative thinkers, problem solvers and artists with a marketing brain. Not only can a graphic designer make your brand look good and reach the right audience but we can give you an outside, non-biased opinion of your company direction to assure you are on the road to success.

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